About Maccazine

Maccazine.com.au is an online blog that has been developed by McDonalds Kalgoorlie for the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community. The site provides a central point of information for residents, businesses and visitors of the region. It aims to encourage communication and bring people closer together.

Maccazine.com.au specifically features general information about the region for visitors, sporting results and fixtures for residents, updates from businesses, information on upcoming events particularly for the youth of our community although also the general community, some specific information for parents as well as vital information for new residents or those considering moving to Kalgoorlie for either work or to experience the lifestyle on offer. 

Whilst the site is facilitated by McDonalds Kalgoorlie, we encourage community members, businesses, sporting and social groups, and the local government to get involved and take ownership to some extent of how the site develops. Key members of the McDonalds crew will be contributing articles and topics for discussion, and we ask you all to also take part. We will be welcoming the submission of any information that people may feel is relevant as no one knows the community better than those that experience it every day. To kick start your involvement this may simply mean including Maccazine.com.au on your email list for when you send out press releases or upcoming event information. Or it may be something your kids would like to be involved in by submitting articles that may be of interest to them. Of course, the site is facilitated and all content will be reviewed prior to release.

The very first thing to do though to ensure this is a success for the community is to encourage everyone to subscribe to the enewsletter and that way they will start to receive the updates as the site builds. McDonalds Kalgoorlie is proud to be assisting in spreading the word by promoting the site instore to all our our customers. However, if you’re footy team is going to submit fixtures, make sure the parents and players know where they can find them.

Maccazine.com.au is used by anyone who has something of benefit to the community to communicate and by anyone in the community who wants to keep up with what is going on and with what issues are at our hearts.

I hope that this brings our community even closer together and am open to any suggestions that any of you may have.

People behind the scenes.

Scott & Deborah Gunson, local franchisees of McDonald’s Kalgoorlie.

We moved to Kalgoorlie from Perth late last year with our two children, Asha (6) and Bryce (4).  We have well and truly settled down here and we are loving the relaxed lifestyle of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.  We have already met so many amazing people who live & work in this great town.  The People are what really makes this town tick – I believe anyway.

Debbie and I have some 38 years experience within McDonald’s between us.  We both started working at our local Macca’s in Perth when we were aged 15.  Not in our wildest dreams did we think 20 years on, we would still be involved with the Golden Arches and definitely didn’t think that one day we would own a restaurant of our own.  When asked “why have I stayed with the same company for so long?”, my answer is usually about the people I have met and worked with over that time.  I firmly believe that it’s the people that makes for a great workplace.  I guess I just loved doing what I was doing over the last 20 years, so didn’t have any reason for leaving.

We hope you enjoy Maccazine.com.au as much as we’ve enjoyed putting the site together.  As stated, we really encourage the people of Kalgoorlie-Boulder to contribute to this site.  Please let us know if you wish for your website link to be added, submit articles relevant to our community, comment on articles, the list goes on.  We also want to hear your thoughts on what else should be on our site.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Scott Gunson